This week Dan and Ray talk with Susan Boyley about how to use our finances for God's glory.

Godliness with contentment is great gain. Contentment comes from being satisfied with God. God satisfies us by revealing himself to us in Christ, so we can live in the world in a way that is fitting for a people who claim to worship God.

We are in a war. But it's probably not the war you think. Today, Lead Pastor Ray Galea finishes off the book of 1 Timothy and we see the landscape of this war and how we are to fight!

This week Rob and Ray talk about church leaders and what it means when 1 Timothy 5 talks about honouring them.

Paul continues to write to the church about giving honour, and in this passage we see how God calls us to honour those in authority, both in the church, and in the workplace.

How are we to treat our church leaders? Are we to honour them? Today, Ray Galea takes us to the second half of 1 Timothy 5 and we see what honouring leaders looks like.

This week Rob and Ray are joined by Osea as they discuss care for widows/ widowers 1 Timothy 5.

After instructing the church on how to stay focused on Jesus through Sound Doctrine, Paul then describes the kind of way Satan will try to deceive the church through seemingly innocent rules and additions to the teaching of Jesus.

Family matters in God's house. Today, Bishop Gary Koo takes us to 1 Timothy 5 and shows us the difference that Jesus makes to all of our families.

This week Rob and Dan discuss a range of things from godliness to the teachings of demons from 1 Timothy 4. Please send your questions to [email protected] We would love to answer them next week.

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