Bible Talks from 1 Samuel

Victory Belongs to the Lord

Preached on July 5, 2014
Bible Text: 1 Samuel 27-31

Saul is a man who systematically and deliberately hardened his heart to God by removing the agents of God`s Word.

Now that he is facing defeat at the hands of the Philistines, he is desperate to hear a word about the future by raising up Samuel from the dead. Saul is a picture of hell on earth.

The Grace of the Messiah David

Preached on June 28, 2014
Bible Text: 1 Samuel 23-26

Twice David has the opportunity to kill the man who is trying to kill him. But he restrains himself for King Saul is God`s anointed. In between these two episodes David is himself needing to be restrained from vengeance by Abigail who pleads with the future messiah to not have blood on his hands.

The Curse Of Saul

Preached on June 21, 2014
Bible Text: 1 Samuel 18-22

As God's favour falls on David, Saul's heart is hardened with envy and murder.
Jonathan chooses to side with the true messiah over his father. Each of us are called to love Jesus - the Son of David more than everyone.

A Man After God’s Own Heart

Preached on June 14, 2014
Bible Text: 1 Samuel 16-17

This is the original David and Goliath story. Perhaps the most well known event in the Old Testament.
As it unfolds the question arises with whom am I supposed to identify?

The Rejection Of A Failed King

Preached on June 7, 2014
Bible Text: 1 Samuel 13-15

From the beginning it was clear Saul was a king like the nations by constantly ignoring God's word. He is Mr excuse.
Holy War is explored in this talk.

The Rejection Of God As King

Preached on May 31, 2014
Bible Text: 1 Samuel 8-12

God proved that he was King of Kings by taking out the Philistines without one Israelite. They then ask for a king like the nations to lead them into battle. That was idolatry!

The Heavy Hand Of A Holy God

Preached on May 24, 2014
Bible Text: 1 Samuel 5-7

God is Holy and his heavy hand of judgment fell on Israel, the Philistines god (Dagon), 3 Philistine cities and then on 70 men at Beth Shemesh.
It is clear that God does not need his people to fight for him. Israel shamed God and now God secures his own glory.

God Has Left The Building

Preached on May 17, 2014
Bible Text: 1 Samuel 3 - 4

God blessed Israel with family, priesthood and ark but without obedience they only bring judgment.
Eli fails to restrain his priestly sons who are worthless men and abuse the holy place. In contrast Hannah's son Samuel serves at the tabernacle speaking God's word of judgment to Eli's house. The future is tied to a promised new Priest who will what is in God heart.

A Woman After God’s Own Heart

Preached on May 10, 2014
Bible Text: 1 Samuel 1:2-11

At a time when Israel had no king and everyone did what was wise in their own eyes a woman surfaces who has God's heart.
Hannah was her name and with the grief of infertility she cast her cares before her God the King of Israel. Her son Samuel will be God's mouthpiece.