2021 Building Fund

Give to the Building Fund

Thank you for your generosity
in 2020!

Even during the challenges of 2020, many of you gave generously to the building fund. Our building provided a place to film for online ministries during lockdown and a safe-place to gather again once lockdown was over.

Let’s pay off the remaining $440,000, not only to save interest, but to enable us to invest more into mission and ministry at MBM.

Give to the Building Fund

Why some give to the Building Fund...

"I give to the building fund because it’s our church family. Personally, I don’t really consider giving to the building fund as generosity, just as I don’t consider mortage repayments of my family home as generosity to my wife and children. It’s my responsibility."

~George K.

I give to the building fund as an ongoing investment in the generations to come. Through giving, people will have the opportunity to be introduced to Jesus, come to faith, and grow and reach others. It is also a way to say ‘thank you’ for all that my family has received over the years through MBM.

~David S.

By God's grace we were able to convert some space into a purpose built audio and video studio!

Yes! Let’s get it done!

Give to the Building Fund
Your gift is tax-deductible!

Bank Details

Name: Multicultural Christian Education Centre Building Fund
BSB: 062 310
Account: 0090 0919
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