Small Groups

July 6, 2017

Guest Author

If you call MBM home, we’d love to see you doing life together with others around God’s Word. There’s a group for everyone regardless of where you are at in your journey with Jesus.

See the list of groups here.

Some quick info about sign up:

  • Even if you’re staying in the same group as last year, please still complete a new form so we know
  • Sign ups finish on Sunday 16 July.
  • You’ll hear which group you’ve been placed in the week before
  • Most groups will resume the week beginning Mon 24 July

Our Growth Groups journeyed through Romans 8 last term. Listen to what people loved about the experience:

“I’ve really appreciated the provoking questions. Especially realising more so, that God has my back even when things seem otherwise. I can trust Him – He’s already proven that His plan is not my plan. Nothing will change that or my status as a child and heir of the throne. I now have a greater sense of security and assurance that I am His forever”

“I felt super encouraged and loved like I was actually valued as a person. I haven’t felt that for a long time in growth group.”

“I have seen my husband grow so much as he has consistently read the Bible each morning to start his day, diligently done the homework and been prepared for the coming week’s growth group”

“No matter how many times I read Romans 8 I can still see it from a different perspective. That was only possible in a group environment”

“I’ve seen someone in my group who has really grown in his love for God’s word and shown his commitment by coming each week to growth group. He is keen to know more about God’s word and invest in growth group relationships”

Our Growth Groups are led by same fantastic leaders. Here’s some feedback from group members about their leaders:

“My leader has been very clear in his approach. Gives opportunity for everyone to speak. He was vulnerable and shared of himself. He is also sensitive to the group and provides the person to opportunities verbalise what they are thinking.”

“Thanks for helping our growth group to become a family. I love the joy and community”

“I loved the way my leaders lead our group. I loved the way they tried different activities & helped people get into the study”

Feel free to drop me an email with any questions you might have. Sign up using the link above or by sending a photo of your completed part of the brochure you received on Sunday.

Dan Lee