All Bible Talk Series

grace alone

Galatians is a war cry to guard and proclaim the one true gospel of grace. There is no other life line thrown out to humanity who need saving.

The God Who Became Man

What is said of the Bible is especially true for John's Gospel. It’s shallow enough for a child not to drown, but deep enough for an elephant to swim. It's simple yet profound as it introduces us to Jesus who is the Messiah, the Son of God and by believing have life.

The Search For Meaning

Mark Twain said the two most important days of your life is the day you're born and the day you know why. The Search for Meaning is the search every human is on and Ecclesiastes is key to laying the ground work.

What If We Really Believed?

Our new series is titled, “What if we really believed?” It ultimately seeks to look forward to what might be. It aims to make sure our best days as disciples of Christians are before us.

Hope Beyond Darkness

The future was uncertain for God’s people; it was a confusing time for them. At that moment God throws out his chest and reminds us all, loud and clear, that He is God and there is no other; He will accomplish all that He says He will! This is the message from Isaiah 40-66

From Here To Eternity

May-July 2017

Dare To Be Different

1 Peter // Term 3, 2016

I Can See Clearly Now

Isaiah 1-19 // Term 2, 2016

Above All

Colossians // April 2016

Fruit of the Spirit

April 2016

Prepared To Be Loved

Term 3 - 2015

Yours Is The Kingdom

2 Samuel // Term 2 - 2015

Living for the Kingdom

Luke // Term 1 - 2015

Great is our God

January 2012

Finding Certainty with Jesus

Luke // Term 1 - 2012

The Beauty of Holiness

Leviticus // Term 4 - 2012

Thank You

December 2012

Healthy Marriages

December 2012

Jesus Lord of Satan

December 2012

Pressing on… the Next 10 Years

Philippians // Term 4 - 2014

Man Up

March 2013

Famous Last Words

Easter 2013

Fullness and Freedom

Colossians // Term 3 - 2014

To Corinth with Love

1 Corinthians // Term 2 - 2012 & Term 2 - 2013

The Search for Life's Meaning

Ecclesiastes // Term 3 - 2013

Divine Desires

December 2013


January 2014

On Board

February 2014

Better Together

March 2014

Together Following Jesus

Luke // Term 1 - 2013 & Term 1 - 2014.