Bible Talks by Steve Wakeford

Challenge, Coronation and Celebration (Doctrine of Christ)

Preached on May 19, 2019
Bible Text: Psalm 2:1-12

A challenge, a coronation and a celebration.

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We Stand And Fall On This: The Resurrection

Preached on April 21, 2019
Bible Text: 1 Corinthians:15:1-22

Easter Sunday - Jesus’ resurrection is the greatest vindication in history!

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Blinded By The Light (AM)

Preached on April 7, 2019
Bible Text: John 9:1-41

One of the coolest stories from John’s Gospel - where Jesus heals a blind man who turns into one of the most courageous evangelists in history!

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Suppressing The Truth About Jesus

Preached on March 24, 2019
Bible Text: John 7:37-52

Where is your dimmer switch?

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I Am The Bread Of Life (Part 1)

Preached on February 24, 2019
Bible Text: John 6:1-34

One of the big questions nearly every person from every culture wonders what God wants from us.
Jesus answers this question in a typically unexpected way.

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