Bible Talks by Steve Wakeford

I Am The Bread Of Life (Part 1)

Preached on February 24, 2019
Bible Text: John 6:1-34

One of the big questions nearly every person from every culture wonders what God wants from us.
Jesus answers this question in a typically unexpected way.

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Here’s One I Prepared Earlier

Preached on December 30, 2018
Bible Text: Philippians 2:12-30

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Jesus’ Pedigree

Preached on December 23, 2018
Bible Text: Matthew 1:1-16

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Taming The Tongue

Preached on November 18, 2018
Bible Text: James 3:1-18

James 3 - ‘that thing none of us gets right consistently.’

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James 1:19-27

Preached on October 28, 2018
Bible Text: James 1:19-27

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