Bible Talks by Marcelo Morbelli

I am the Bread of Life Part 2

Preached on March 3, 2019
Bible Text: John 6:35-48

Jesus continues the conversation with the crowds and religious leaders after feeding the five thousand hungry people. In verses 35-48 Jesus gives yet another reason and perhaps the ultimate reason why the crowd refuse to come and believe in him.

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Tried and Tested

Preached on December 16, 2018
Bible Text: Matthew 4:1-11

Before Jesus even begins his ministry and mission on earth, he is confronted by the Devil in the wilderness. This confrontation will either make or break Jesus. His battle with the devil proves him to be the perfect son whom we can trust and depend on.

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The Search for True Satisfaction

Preached on October 7, 2018
Bible Text: John 6:25-35

The advertising world exists to make us crave and desire anything and everything. We seek for satisfaction in relationships, work, finances, shopping, travel, and so much more. Yet, these things rarely satisfy us for long. Jesus stepped in 2000 years ago and says that he can truly satisfy us, can we believe this?

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Standing Firm

Preached on September 16, 2018
Bible Text: Daniel 7

In a world that is increasingly hostile to the name of Christ, what is it that has allowed many like Daniel to stand firm? Daniel’s strange vision makes clear to us three truths about God that will allow us to persevere to the end.

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Jesus’ Shocking Priority

Preached on October 10, 2017
Bible Text: Luke 5:17-26

In this incident in Jesus' life, Jesus meets a paralytic man who comes to him for healing. The way Jesus address his problem will shock us. This incident shows us that things in our world and our lives are not as they should be, but Jesus shows us a glimpse into the future when one day they will be.

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