Bible Talks by Grant Borg

What Is Man?

Preached on May 12, 2019
Bible Text: Psalm 8

Last week we asked a question about God himself – what does he know and where can he be found. This week we look at man and ask the age old question, ‘Who am I, and what on earth am I doing here?’ In this Psalm we have God speaking through the King of Israel about what it means to be human.

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Knowing God

Preached on May 5, 2019
Bible Text: Psalm 139

We start our series in the Psalms by taking a close look at the character of God through the eyes of the Prophet and King David. In this Psalm David passionately describes what keeps him locked on to our heavenly King, and why our souls find rest in knowing him.

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Overcoming Death

Preached on April 21, 2019
Bible Text: John 11:1-16

In Australia we have a life expectancy of over 89 years! Which is great news compared to countries that hover around 50, but very sad and short in light of eternity. What’s the answer to this tragedy? Medical intervention? Anti-oxidants? Exercise? Jesus cuts right to the heart of this problem as he reveals his power over death.

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Our Good Shepherd

Preached on April 14, 2019
Bible Text: Ezekiel 34:1–16, John 10:1–30

What makes God angry is what threatens his people, and in this passage God is angry! His people are being lied to, abused, abandoned and taken advantage of by shepherds who are self-seeking and greedy. We see this in the church today, and here God tells us what he’s going to do about it.

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Hard Lessons Of Discipleship

Preached on March 17, 2019
Bible Text: John 7:1–17

If there’s one thing we know from studying the life of Jesus, it’s that it’s not easy being godly. It wasn’t easy for Jesus, and it's not easy following Jesus either. In this passage we see some of the things that make life hard for Jesus, and that’ll prepare us to face the same kinds of trials in our lives too.

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