Bible Talks by Grant Borg

Robbing God

Preached on November 17, 2019
Bible Text: Malachi 3:6–12

As God speaks again to his people to correct their crooked ways he deals with areas of their life that need to be straightened out. God’s desire is still to bless his people and the world through them, the question will be whether they’re willing to line their walk with their talk – or here in this passage, their wallets with their wants.

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Keep Faith

Preached on November 3, 2019
Bible Text: Malachi 2:10–16

In the first 2 weeks of this series in Malachi we saw the love of God expressed in his faithfulness toward his people, and that if we understood this properly we would give God our very best. This week we see how God’s faithfulness to us expresses itself as we relate to one another. A faithful God expects his people to to be faithful to one another.

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Sovereign Grace

Preached on October 20, 2019
Bible Text: Malachi 1:1–5

This week we begin looking at the Old Testament Prophet Malachi. Written to a hurting nation, this Word is delivered to a people who have not learnt their lesson. They’ve been hammered, but their hearts are hard as ever, and in these first 5 verses God will challenge their misconceptions and show that he is for them, even while they drag their feet and rebuild their broken city.

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Gods Gracious Command

Preached on October 13, 2019
Bible Text: Acts 17:16-32

In our first Sunday at our new location here at Thomas Hassall in Middleton Grange, we look at God’s gracious command to all people to turn to Jesus to be saved. In this passage the Apostle Paul preaches to a group of pagan Greeks and challenges them to turn to Jesus so that they can worship God according to the truth of who he is. According to Paul, this is not only a good thing to do, but absolutely necessary for God to be honoured, and for us to be saved.

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The One Who Impressed Jesus

Preached on October 6, 2019
Bible Text: Luke 21:1-4

Have you ever wondered what kind of person impresses God? In this final sermon preached at Smithfield Public School we look at an unlikely hero who Jesus lifts up as a model of someone who is great in the eyes of God.

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