Bible Talks by Grant Borg

Inside Gods Heart

Preached on March 29, 2020
Bible Text: John 17

After spending all night with his disciples, Jesus now lifts his eyes and prays to his Father who is in heaven. In this passage, we get the privilege of hearing God the Son speak to his Father to hear what was on his heart just hours before his death. Although it shouldn’t surprise us, what we hear on Jesus’ lips is what is in his heart, and there we find his Father’s glory, his disciples, and us.

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From Grief To Joy

Preached on March 22, 2020
Bible Text: John 16:16-33

As Jesus prepares his disciples for his arrest and death, he comforts them with news of joy that will overcome their grief. In fact it will be a divine joy, anchored in Jesus, perfect for a world feeling shaken by anxiety and fear.

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Don’t Waste Your Life

Preached on March 8, 2020
Bible Text: John 15:1–17

Last week Jesus prepared his disciples for his death by reminding them that he’d be with them by his Spirit. This week Jesus warns them – and us – that a God-honouring life will only be reality for us if we continue to stay close to Jesus so that he continues to live through us.

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God’s Way To God

Preached on February 23, 2020
Bible Text: John 14:1–14

There are so many opinions, issues and causes in our community that try to win our attention, and among the voices is Jesus calling us to follow him. In a sense, every passage in the Bible is written to show us that following Jesus would be the best thing we could do, but in this incredible passage Jesus really shows us why that’s the case. It’s centred around who he is, and like the disciples we may not be as confident of this as we’d like to think.

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Betraying God

Preached on February 16, 2020
Bible Text: John 13:18-35

Last week we saw Jesus tell his disciples to put their faith into action by serving one another as Jesus served us. This week we see what it looks like to ignore that advice, and go your own way. This passage makes the decision to follow Jesus so clear, with Judas being an everlasting example of the consequence of ignoring Jesus’ words.

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Have You Been Served?

Preached on February 9, 2020
Bible Text: John 13:1–17

It’s the Last Supper and Jesus is preparing his disciples for his death, resurrection, and life empowered by his Spirit as he rules the universe from the Right Hand of God. There’s just one week before he goes to the cross, and in this powerful scene Jesus demonstrates what it is to be Christian, but don’t miss the main point of the scene. Jesus will model God’s love to us and tell us what he expects from us, but it all hinges on us receiving what Jesus came to bring to empower us to follow in his steps.

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Is There Any Sin God Wont Forgive

Preached on January 26, 2020
Bible Text: Mark 2:1–12

We all carry a portion of guilt around with from words we’ve regretted saying or people we’ve hurt along the way. We know Jesus came to forgive us, but is there a limit to his grace? Are there sins he won’t forgive? Have I gone too far, too often? We look at this question as we see Jesus heal a paralytic in the presence of the religious elite.

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Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayers?

Preached on January 12, 2020
Bible Text: 2 Corinthians 12:1–10

As we look at this difficult question about prayer we ask why so many people get the feeling that God isn’t listening, or that he might hear but doesn’t seem to care. By looking at a number of passages in the Bible we first come to see why God says he won’t answer our prayers (under certain conditions), before looking more closely at why we have this feeling of disappointment and why God allows it for our good.

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If God Is Good, Why Do Bad Things Happen

Preached on January 5, 2020
Bible Text: Lamentation 3

We began our January ‘Ask Anything’ Series on Sunday asking the question, ‘If God is good, why do bad things happen?’ We don’t answer the question of the origin of evil here, we’ll deal with that in term 2 when we look at the early chapters of Genesis, but in this sermon we look at why a good God would bring hardship, tragedy, suffering etc. into decent people’s lives. There is no simple answer to this, but as we look at 8 important points we get a good idea what God is doing through the mess of our lives to bring about his good purposes for his people.

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God With Us

Preached on December 22, 2019
Bible Text: Matthew 1:18–23

When the story of Christmas is all dolled up it seems to lose its power because the the true beauty of the moment is lost behind the clean-cut re-enactment we’re all used to. However, when we see the moment for what it was and take the time to see what God was doing behind the scenes, hope and glory emerges out of chaos and we find a joy and peace for all the people, for on that day a Saviour was born, who is Jesus Christ, our Lord

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Robbing God

Preached on November 17, 2019
Bible Text: Malachi 3:6–12

As God speaks again to his people to correct their crooked ways he deals with areas of their life that need to be straightened out. God’s desire is still to bless his people and the world through them, the question will be whether they’re willing to line their walk with their talk – or here in this passage, their wallets with their wants.

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Keep Faith

Preached on November 3, 2019
Bible Text: Malachi 2:10–16

In the first 2 weeks of this series in Malachi we saw the love of God expressed in his faithfulness toward his people, and that if we understood this properly we would give God our very best. This week we see how God’s faithfulness to us expresses itself as we relate to one another. A faithful God expects his people to to be faithful to one another.

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Sovereign Grace

Preached on October 20, 2019
Bible Text: Malachi 1:1–5

This week we begin looking at the Old Testament Prophet Malachi. Written to a hurting nation, this Word is delivered to a people who have not learnt their lesson. They’ve been hammered, but their hearts are hard as ever, and in these first 5 verses God will challenge their misconceptions and show that he is for them, even while they drag their feet and rebuild their broken city.

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Gods Gracious Command

Preached on October 13, 2019
Bible Text: Acts 17:16-32

In our first Sunday at our new location here at Thomas Hassall in Middleton Grange, we look at God’s gracious command to all people to turn to Jesus to be saved. In this passage the Apostle Paul preaches to a group of pagan Greeks and challenges them to turn to Jesus so that they can worship God according to the truth of who he is. According to Paul, this is not only a good thing to do, but absolutely necessary for God to be honoured, and for us to be saved.

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The One Who Impressed Jesus

Preached on October 6, 2019
Bible Text: Luke 21:1-4

Have you ever wondered what kind of person impresses God? In this final sermon preached at Smithfield Public School we look at an unlikely hero who Jesus lifts up as a model of someone who is great in the eyes of God.

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Jesus And Work

Preached on September 22, 2019
Bible Text: Colossians 3:22-4:1

Work has always been a big part of life for people to provide for themselves and their families, but is there any value beyond the grave? Jesus may have saved our soul, but is there any value in the work we do now that we’ve been saved? The Apostle Paul answers this question as he shows us how Jesus redeems work.

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Jesus Centred Parenthood

Preached on September 15, 2019
Bible Text: Colossians 3:20-21

After explaining how Jesus reigns in marriage, the Apostle Paul now gives the church a formula for how Fathers are to relate to their kids, and kids to their parents. A well ordered society begins at home, and so does a well-ordered life in Christ.

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Jesus Rules Marriage

Preached on September 8, 2019
Bible Text: Colossians 3:18–19

After explaining how Jesus reigns supreme in the universe and fills our lives, the Apostle Paul moves to show us how Jesus also reigns in marriage. From this passage of scripture we look at God’s intention for marriage, what went wrong, and how Jesus redeems it by revealing the mystery that is the key to understanding what marriage is.

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Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

Preached on September 1, 2019
Bible Text: Colossians 3:1–17

After spending the first half of this letter reminding the church who they are as Jesus’ people, our Apostle Paul now tells us what it looks like to be a Christian. In a world that is full of distraction and lies, the call to God’s people is to fix your eyes on Jesus – and some helpful insights into what that looks like for every one of us today.

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Preparing God’s People

Preached on August 11, 2019
Bible Text: Colossians 1:24–2:4

One thing’s for sure from reading the Bible – God cares about his people. He died to save them, lives in them to sustain them, and will come back to get them. The question we ask in this sermon is, ‘What role do we play in preparing God’s people to stand before him?’ The Apostle Paul is our model here as he leads us in service to God’s people.

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