Bible Talks by Dave Jensen

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

Preached on January 7, 2018
Bible Text: Ecclesiastes 1:1-11

Many go through life asking and never finding out. Some travel the world seeking to find the answer but are disappointed. We believe the answer to this very important question is in the Bible and we want to share it with you.

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Eternity Is Written In The Stars (11pm)

Preached on December 24, 2017
Bible Text: Matthew 2:1-10

Life...random, accidental, and fluke? Or intentional, purposeful, and fingerprints?

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How Can I Be Happy and Content?

Preached on December 17, 2017
Bible Text: Ecclesiates 2:4-11

Is contentment in this life possible? Or will it always seem just out of our grasp? What does God have to say about it?

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What Does God Want From Us?

Preached on December 10, 2017
Bible Text: Philippians 3:4b-11

What does God want from me? My background and my behaviour? Or something else?

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What If We Really Believed Jesus Is The Only Way To Be Saved?

Preached on November 12, 2017
Bible Text: Acts 17:22-27

Telling people about Jesus can be hard for Christians to do. But maybe the issue isn’t how we do it - but why.

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