Your Loves Wins

Track 9

Who will take us from
The love of Christ that stands so strong?
Not trouble or sorrows
Nor anguish or pain seen all night long.

You’ve set us free from the chains of sin
The weight has gone from the guilt within
We praise you Father for life
We’re co-heirs with Christ

For even if angels or demons try, they won’t win
Neither the power of death nor life, have victory
Neither the measure of depth, nor height, or Anything else,
For nothing can separate us from you,
Your love wins
Your love wins
When I am anxious
I know you’re working for my good.
Through all my troubles
Shaping me more to be like you

I will trust in the darkest hour
You give me strength with the Spirit’s power
You walk with me through this war
We’re brothers in arms

Victory Forever
We are more than conquerors
Citizens of Heaven
Firm before the throne of God