Tides of Grace

Track 8

O Lord of the oceans,
I sail on a restless sea,
O Jesus will you guide me,
Take the rudder and steer safely
Keep my vision focussed on my
Heavenward course,
Keep my faith from a shipwreck
On the surrounding shores

Before our hearts were beating,
You set our path
You knew our lives were fleeting,
You took our wrath

So guide us home
Where we will ever be with you
The journey long
We sail with heaven in our view
The cross our mast,
And it’s in Jesus’ name we trust
Your grace brings us home,
The tides of grace alone

O Lord of salvation
Renew the mind of Christ in me
O Spirit will you change me
Let me keep in Step with thee

We will see your face
And a future free of pain
All the treasures of the world
Shadowed by your glory
Brought home by your grace
Where your Son forever reigns
There we’ll stand before you God
Singing of your glory