Mission at MBM

July 13, 2017

Guest Author

Here at MBM our vision is to see lives transformed through Jesus Christ to the glory of God – and the reason that is our vision is because that’s what God promises to do when the Gospel is proclaimed! We are so thankful to God for the privilege of being saved through the blood of Jesus – but also by being his messengers to the world of the great things he has done.

Over the last 6 months at church we’ve been blessed by him to have been in a season of reaping: we’ve seen over 70 people say yes to Jesus for the first time! People from all walks of life: adults, teenagers, children, middle class, working class, with many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. What a privilege to see God moving so mightily amongst us. Please pray for these precious people; that their hearts would be good soil (Luke 8:1-15) and that they would grow and continue to love and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

One of our goals at church is to see 1000 new disciples won to Christ in the Western suburbs by 2025: as such, we have many, many people labouring in the Lord in a variety of ways to tell the west of Jesus.

These include:

  • The  South West Sydney Church Plant: which has seen over 10 people say yes to Jesus!
  • Our Explaining Christianity courses: 5 of these courses have been run so far this year, at Rooty Hill in the evening and at Women’s Connect on Tuesdays, and at MBM South West. Courses 6 and 7 about to kick off!
  • Our Firm Foundations courses: Over 6 of these running throughout the week.
  • ESL
  • Playtime
  • Music and Movement
  • Questions For God sermon series
  • Youth Group

We are also very excited to be launching Discovery: Jesus – a ministry to adults with an intellectual disability – on July 20!

We are so grateful to you for your prayers and support of our link missionaries. I’m very grateful to the work of our Missionary Co-ordinator and Missionary Representatives for ensuring our missionaries feel supported and loved. Hearing from Mark and Gina Borg and their plan to tell Malta of what Jesus has done was a special encouragement to many. Not to mention the food!

We are so blessed to have all these ministries run by Jesus-loving, Gospel-focused volunteers. If you see them in action: thank them!

Our team is working very hard on making sure every single Sunday at church is a Sunday where you can comfortably invite someone knowing that the welcome will be warm, the music will be excellent, the preaching will be engaging – and most importantly, the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be proclaimed. We would love to encourage you to keep praying, keep inviting, and keep telling the people you know of what Jesus has done.

If you’d like to be involved in our great mission to tell the world about Jesus – get in touch!

Your brother,

Dave Jensen
Mission Pastor
[email protected]