A true understanding of God’s character leads us to have a deeper, joyful relationship with Him. In this encounter with Jesus, He reveals to us that God is someone to fear and, at the same time, calls us to draw near. If we only hold on to one of these things and not the other, it will affect how we relate to God.

Followers of Jesus have the great privilege, and the great responsibility, of representing the good news of Jesus. In 2 Corinthians 6 Paul lays out how we represent Jesus in a way that doesn’t discredit the good news he came to bring.

Nothing will give you more reason to rejoice than to know you have been forgiven and are on the right side of God.

We all have expectations of what Jesus should be like…but what happens when He clashes with our expectations?

There are many things in life where it doesn’t really matter if you cut corners, skim the instructions or get it wrong here and there. But if there’s one thing you want to get right in life, it’s Jesus…. He’s the difference between life and death.

In light of the victory we have in Jesus, what does life now look like? Is it smooth sailing here on out, or should we expect something else? In this talk we hear of how God has equipped us for the journey ahead.

We are driven by many reasons to do the things that we do, including how and why we live the Christian life. Today, Pastor Pre Shunmugam takes us to Jesus' words which get us to the heart of the matter.

There are so many places or things we run to for security when life spirals out of control. How sure are you that whatever you are placing your trust in will bring you security? Psalm 16 is an invitation to consider what it looks like if you put your trust in the God of the Bible.

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