Nothing will give you more reason to rejoice than to know you have been forgiven and are on the right side of God.

In life there can be many things that blindside us. In Psalm 13 the psalmist gives words to the sadness many of us feel when going through difficult. David helps us see how we might process difficulty while trusting God.

Who is Jesus? Jesus is God, he is the creator, he is the head of the Church, he is the greatest!

Psalm 150 calls us to hallelujah the world, by urgently calling on them to join us in praise to the LORD.

What truly satisfies the deepest cry of our soul is Jesus Christ the righteous who is the source of living water. Not money, career, education, power, pleasures, ungodly relationships or substance abuse.
In this narrative, Jesus proves that to us when the Samaritan woman who was a social outcast with a chequered past finds true fulfillment in the living water that Jesus offers. She went back to her own community to make Jesus known passionately.
The challenge before us is - are we passionate about Jesus and His Gospel?

Jesus can be confusing because he often does the opposite of what we expect. People usually desire power to control. But Jesus, who had all power, used his to serve and save others. Will you let him serve you?

Making plans for 2023 gives us an opportunity to peak behind the curtains of our heart to see what we think about God. It also helps us see Jesus as the ultimate person who surrenders all to the Father’s control as the ultimate act of trust about what is coming.

John was an ordinary man who fell in love with an extraordinary man named Jesus. He shows us Jesus was a real man who really loved us and made a way for us to dwell with him forever.

Sometimes God has unusual ways of showing up in our lives like he did with Moses and the burning bush. God wants us to know he sees, hears and is truly concerned about our suffering. He offers to be with us if we will put our trust in Him.

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