We look at why is Jesus the Most Important Person with the Most Important Message and what that means

For 3 reasons:

Jesus is from God
He has a message
There are two responses

John was an ordinary man who fell in love with an extraordinary man named Jesus. He shows us Jesus was a real man who really loved us and made a way for us to dwell with him forever.

Sometimes God has unusual ways of showing up in our lives like he did with Moses and the burning bush. God wants us to know he sees, hears and is truly concerned about our suffering. He offers to be with us if we will put our trust in Him.

Church is so important that a key part of your worship is to be active in building church community.

In light of the victory we have in Jesus, what does life now look like? Is it smooth sailing here on out, or should we expect something else? In this talk we hear of how God has equipped us for the journey ahead.

Ray's Farewell Bible Talk

What is the answer to a life of fear? Today, Pastor Ray Galea shows us from Psalm 2 that fear melts away when we 'kiss the Son'.

What do we do when everything goes wrong? Today, Pastor Mark Boyley takes us to the book of Job and answers the question: Can we trust God when we are suffering and don't understand why?

With so many voices and opinions, who do we follow? Isaiah 6 gives a vision of the one true God who stands over all. We’re reminded that God is holy and powerful. God is also faithful to his promises and saves his people.

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