Bible Talks from South West Sydney

What Must I Do to Inherit Eternal Life?

Preached on January 17, 2021

The question of what we have to do to inherit eternal life could be the most important question anyone could think of, but it’s also deceptively misleading. Eternal life is a reality, but rather than focus on what we have to do, it’s far more important we recognize what God has done.

Why Are You So Afraid

Preached on January 10, 2021

The story of the sea storm in the Gospel of Mark challenges us to recognise Jesus for who he really is and call us to respond: either in fear, or faith.

Tradition vs the Word of God

Preached on January 3, 2021

People have always asked the question, how can man relate to God? And although a number of ways are suggested, we see in the Bible only one that works. In this passage in Mark 7, Jesus takes us to the heart of the human problem and leads us to see the solution in him.

The Birth Of Jesus Announced

Preached on December 25, 2020

As the angel Gabriel announces the birth of Jesus, we’re reminded why we continue to celebrate Christmas 2020 years on! And it reminds us that we may have plans, but God’s plans are the only ones that will last into eternity.

The Witness Of Stephen

Preached on December 13, 2020

Persecution has been slowly ramping up against the God's people in Acts so far. In Acts 7 it escalates to the point of death as we meet the first Christian martyr, Stephen.

The Highest Priority

Preached on December 6, 2020

There are so many things that need to be done in the life of a church, but the Word of God and prayer must remain the priority.

Faithful Witness to a Suffering Saviour

Preached on November 29, 2020

Persecution against the church increases as the Apostles learn what it is to suffer along-side their Saviour.

Bad Witness in the Church

Preached on November 22, 2020

The honeymoon period of the church in Acts comes to a sudden end as God breaks out in judgment against a couple who try to deceive his church.

Witness to Jesus Under Persecution

Preached on November 15, 2020

Having just healed a cripple man in the name of Jesus, Peter and John are arrested while preaching. In this passage, we witness their Spirit-empowered boldness as they proclaim Jesus is Lord. We see clearly that nothing can nor will stop God from building his church, not even persecution.

Power in the Name of Jesus

Preached on November 8, 2020

As the Apostles continue to enjoy the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus continues to work powerfully among them to show the people who he is as Lord and Saviour. Jesus does this as his Word is preached, and also in signs and wonders performed by the Apostles. In Acts 3 it’s Peter and John who heals a man born as a cripple, and this miracle testifies to the power of Jesus’ name.