Bible Talks from Philippians

Resourcing The Vision

Preached on November 8, 2014
Bible Text: Philippians 4

Financial giving toward the work of the gospel is like perfume in the nostrils of God. Investing in God`s kingdom is a pleasing sacrifice which puts a smile on the face of God as big as the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Guarding MBM’s Vision

Preached on November 1, 2014
Bible Text: Philippians 3

As we make disciples and church plant over the next 10 years we don’t want to unload religion on the lost but relationship with Christ.  If Paul considers religion as ‘dung' he refers to religious teachers as ‘dogs'. Jesus plus anything ruins everything!

United With Christ Living Out The Vision

Preached on October 25, 2014
Bible Text: Philippians 2:1-11

Together we stand for the faith of the gospel. This can only take place if we value others better than ourselves. We cross the suburbs of western Sydney to church plant because Jesus crossed the universe to meet us in the flesh.

Advancing The Gospel

Preached on October 18, 2014
Bible Text: Philippians 1:12-31

This talks begins MBM's annual commitment series by exploring plans for the next 10 years. We explore how MBM`s three goals and two main strategies reflect the commitment to see the gospel advance in the western suburbs of Sydney.

Disappointment With God

Preached on June 29, 2013
Bible Text: Philippians 4:4-9

Disappointment with God can leave us with a black hole or a bright hope. When Paul writes from prison (death row) he urges the second. He gives the right information to see people and circumstances and choices on the big gospel backdrop. In a real sense we can choose our response so follow his wise words in Philippians 4:1-10.