Sandy Galea has written and produced material for use in the various children’s programs at St Alban’s MBM for the past twenty plus years. This material has been published on the Kidswise web site. Kidswise aims to provide quality material for teaching children the gospel at affordable rates. Kidswise has programs suitable for outreach ministries, as well as programs and resources for Sunday morning programs.

Kidswise Store has wide range for resources for sale. There are number of under fives programs (Playtime, Pre-school…), a four-year games based outreach program for primary kids (Kids Club), as well as a growing number of Mini Movies.

Kidswise Training is where you go for details on training seminars run by Sandy Galea… how to either host one in your region or how to register for one.

Kidswise Membership has a growing number of school age programs that take school age children through Old and New Testament books (Genesis, Leviticus, 1 Samuel, Ruth… Matthew, Romans, Colossians…). Each program comes complete with a children’s talk, an extensive lesson plan and stencil masters. It also has a growing number of teaching resources and leadership training seminars. The ‘About’ pages on the web site has an up-to-date list of programs available and how to locate them on the site.