Quick Games

Kids Ministry

Do This, Do That

(variation of Simon Says)

All children stand. When the leader says ‘do this’ whatever the leader does (clapping, patting head, rubbing tummy…) the children do. But whenever the leader says ‘do that’ the children don’t copy (they continue doing the action you previous had said). If they do, child is out and sits down. Always end with a ‘do this’ that encourages them to be still and quiet e.g. ‘do this” = finger on lips.


This Way, That Way

(variation of Simon Says)

Whenever the leader says ‘this way’ the children have to jump right. Whenever the leader says ‘that way’ the children have to jump to the left. If the children jump the wrong way they sit down. Increase the speed or repeat the same instruction to get children out quickly. Continue until only one is left.


Sit Down If…

Ask all children to stand. Call out a series of instructions: sit down if you’ve ever been on a plane, if you ate corn flakes for breakfast, you play in a soccer team… Continue until only one or two are left. Or if introducing the concept of sin, continue until all are eliminated (i.e. our sin eliminates from friendship with God).


Brains ‘n Butts

Ask all children to stand. They have to vote Brains (hands on heads) if what the leader says is true, or Butts (hands on bottom) if what the leader says is false. Can be used to find out what children know about a section of scripture or a story, or about what they have been taught them. Variation: child walk to one wall if they think it’s true, opposite wall if they think it’s false. If correct they move back into centre. If incorrect they are out of the game.


1, 2, 3,

Change Select three or four different poses (try and tie it to the lesson).

Example: four poses for the parable of the soils:
Pose #1: rock (make two fists)
Pose #2: weeds (grab neck in choke pose)
Pose #3: path (stand up straight, arms beside body)
Pose #4: good soil (thumbs up)

Leader turns his/her back on group and count, One, two, three. By the time the leader counts to three, all children have had to strike one of the poses. Leader turns in one of those poses. Every child who has the same pose as the leader sits down. Continue until only one child is left.


Finger Grab

Game Stand children in a line or a circle.

Action 1: place left hand out flat with palm facing up (this action is to be done as the leaders counts one)
Action 2: place right hand with index finger pointing up to ceiling (this action is to be done as the leaders counts two)
Action 3: place right hand index finger onto their neighbour’s palm (this action is to be done as the leaders counts three)
Action 4: when the leader calls out four, all children try to capture the index finger of the person to their left without being themselves caught by the person to their right.

When you want to finish the game and get the attention of the group, finish on count two, then say “Okay hands in laps and all eyes to….”


What’s Different?

Select a child to come out the front. Give them one minute to observe child. All heads down and closed. Child then changes one thing (i.e. pull one sock up, one sock down, remove cap, untie shoelace…). Group opens eye, “What’s different?” Child who guesses is in.