Prayer Time Ideas

Kids Ministry

Thumbs up, thumbs down

At the beginning of your small group time ask children how their week was? Thumbs up = good week, thumbs down = bad week. Children then quickly go around and say why it was good or why it was bad. Encourage them to pray for each other about their good or bad week.


Prayer cubes

Slip a set of cards into cube pockets. Vary what children pray for by varying the sets of cards. See below for variations.
Instruction cards: pray for the person on your left, pray for the person on your right, pray for the person sitting opposite you, pray for the person who has different coloured eyes to you, pray for the person who is taller than you, pray for the person who is shorter than you. 
Photograph cards: photo of the group, church workers, missionaries…
Colour cards: colour pray for something that colour… green, blue, yellow…
Prayer beginning cards: Thank you God for… Dear Father, please help me to… I love you Lord because… Dear God, I’m sorry for… Please help… Father God, please help me when I feel…
Kids roll the cube (i.e. like rolling a dice) or turn the cube and choose a face. They then pray for whatever is on the side facing up.


Prayer pail

Similar to prayer cubes, except instructions on what/who to pray for are written on paddle pop sticks, placed in a bucket/pail. Whatever a child pulls out, that’s what they pray for.


Lucky dip prayers

Write prayers on cards, or print a series of pictures, that reflect what you have learnt that day. Lay them out for children to select one and pray.


Prayer key ring

Similar to prayer cubes/pail, except instructions on what/who to pray for are written/drawn on business cards, hole punched and held together by a key ring. Children fan out the business cards, select one and pray.


Prayer journaling

Draw a picture then pray to God about what they’ve drawn, write a prayer then pay that prayer out loud.


Modelling dough

Hand children modelling dough to create something then talk to God about what they’ve made.


Prayer Book

Purchase a blank book to record prayer points for your small group over the year. Collage pages of the book together as a group and use for basis of prayer times.


How Do You Feel?

Use resource titled, How Do You Feel? (Kidswise resource) to help kids pray about their feelings.


Prayer Wall

Create a prayer wall of prayers. Each child writes a prayer on a post-it note or on hearts or on speech bubble shapes… then stick them on a wall for others to read.


Prayer Wristband

Write out a prayer on a thick strip of paper and make a wristband to take home and pray.


Prayer Planes

Place world map on the floor, throw paper planes, the country it lands nearest, pray for.


Prayer Diary

Children create their own prayer diary. Can be full of pictures, photographs or words.



Children create a visi-wheel with pictures or world. Turn the visi-wheel and pray about the picture or words the visi-wheel stops on.



  • To help younger children to settle into prayer, teach them one, two, three, four.
One = arms out straight 
Two = claps hands together 
Three = eyes closed 
Four = heads down
  • Think creatively about your prayer time… pray under an umbrella (talk to God about the weather, Jesus calming the storm…), go on a nature walk and thank God for everything you collect, let each child look in a mirror and thank God for making them.