Jumping Castles

Kids Ministry

Jumping Castles must not be used outdoors in winds of 40km per hour or higher.

No child over the age of 11 is allowed on them.



  • If used indoors, Jumping Castles must be secured by sandbags.
  • If used outdoors, Jumping Castles must have a tarp placed underneath them and must be pegged into the ground (i.e. on grass only). They must also be roped to at least one anchor point (e.g. tied to telegraph pole or fence).
  • Place a blue mat at the front of each jumping castle and at the bottom of slide (on larger castles only).
  • Set up barriers to indicate where children are to line up (at least 2 metres from jumping castle entrance).
  • Supervisors must be Safe Ministry Approved and must have a whistle.
  • Be sure fans are in an upright position (check every now and again to see they remain in this position). No children are to play near the fans.
  • Be sure electrical cords are not tripping hazards (use gaffa tape to secure).



  • Never leave jumping castles unattended. Deflate (turn fans off) if castle is unattended. Pack away as soon as possible.
  • No children wearing shoes or face paint are allowed on jumping castle.
  • Children line up in age groups (3-4 year olds, 5-6 year olds, 7-8 year olds, 8-11 year olds) and are allowed on in these age groups for 5 minute jumps.
  • Use whistle to indicate when time is up.
  • Remove necklaces and clips (e.g. nametags) that can cause injury before jumping.
  • Supervisors need to keep one foot on mats at all times (stop mats slipping).
  • Children must exit feet first down all slides.
  • Each Jumping Castle must have 1 adult supervisor at the entrance and 1 adult supervisor at the bottom of the slide
  • Child limits for yellow Jumping Castle
    10 Preschool or Infants (up to 7 years)
    8 Primary aged children max
  • Child limits for blue Jumping Castle
    12 Preschool or Infants (up to 7 years)
    10 Primary aged children max


Pack Up

  • Brush all grass off and make sure they are completely dry before rolling.
  • Roll to remove air.
  • Use trolleys to move jumping castles.
  • Store mats, sandbags and jumping castles (rolled and standing upright) in Store 2.
  • Store fans, leads and tarps under the stage (right hand side)