Connect Kids Routine


  • Arrive
  • Wash hands prior to entering rooms
  • Place handbags out of reach of children
  • Collect and wear appropriate lanyard 
  • Collect rolls and need-to-know folders 
  • Secure gates to doorways
  • Wipe down all tables before use
  • If possible, key lock external door (to prevent unauthorised people from entering)
  • Place roll, nursery wipes, nappy bag (for rubbish) and Hamilton hand wash near door
  • Set out appropriate toys and activities (incl. take-home craft)
  • Organise story book and set up iPod 
  • Display morning routine pictures in correct order 
  • Organise props for stories and set up iPod 
  • Prepare morning tea
  • Ensure room looks and feels inviting and organised (warm or cool, fun and colourful)
  • Pray as a team – remind team of the big idea for the day


  • Children arrive – welcome with a smile, hand a nursery wipe to parent to clean his/her child’s hands, check each child has check-in or V sticker, mark child on roll
  • Parents are encouraged not to enter the room
  • If parents insist on settling their child, they clean his/her hands and stay no more 5 min.
  • Engage children in a play activity 


  • Pack up play equipment
  • Joint Time: singing, birthdays, story and prayer


  • Craft


  • Clean hands using nursery wipes
  • Pray – thank God for the food
  • Snack – rice crackers, approved fruit/veg (see list) and water
  • Clean hands using nursery wipes


  • Play activities while waiting for parents (e.g. blocks, picture books, parachute game…) 
  • Hand parent/guardians take-home crafts, Bible Reading Plans, notes, jumpers…
  • Handover child after rego number on adult and child’s sticker has been matched


  • Packs away all equipment into correct tubs and leave room clean (floors vacuumed…)
  • Team debrief and prayer – celebrate what God is doing in this ministry
  • Ensure room is left better than how your team found it