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Appropriate Touch

Initiating Touch
Children are the ones to initiate touch. Leaders aim to minimize touching children. Always ask permission before touching a child (e.g. hold hand up and ask, High five?).


Appropriate Touch School Age

  • Touch should always be on the bony parts of the body (shoulders, hands, arms, though not the head).
  • Touch should always be open not closed (i.e. a side on hug, not a face to face hug).
  • Touch should always be brief not lingering (i.e. a quick pat not a long lingering rub, a quick handshake not a long lingering hand rub).
  • No school age child is to sit on a leader’s lap (even if injured or upset). Tips to avoid this:
    • Invite children to sit beside you (pat ground and indicate were you’d like them to sit).
    • Leaders sit down after children are all seated.
    • Leaders sit with their knees bent (children are less likely to sit on leader if the leader’s legs are bent and their knees are up).