Kids Leader

Kids Ministry


Car Park

  • All cars are to back into car spaces and exit front first.
  • No child is to be left unsupervised in the car park, before, during or after programs.
  • No supervised games are to be played in the car park unless car park has been locked off to all cars (e.g. Open Day). 



  • Children, unable to travel with their own parents/guardians during an outing, may only be transported by an approved adult. Approved adults have the same requirements as those of a Leader (i.e. up-to-date WWCC, Safe Ministry Training, two character references).
  • Approved adults must have their “Green P” plates or a full driver's license, a zero alcohol reading and not have any other impairment that would affect their ability to drive safely (e.g. poor eyesight).
  • Children are to sit in the back seat and in appropriate car seats when being transported.
  • No adult is ever to be alone while driving with a child (who is not their own child or sibling).
  • Approved adults must obtain written permission from the child's parent/guardian before driving them.
  • Vehicles used for transport must be suitable (i.e. registered, regularly serviced and safe).


Off-Site Outings

  • Team Leader organizing the outing must complete an Activity Approval Form (this document can be found towards the end of this manual – or direct link to PSU web site) and be signed off by the Kids Ministry Director (and Senior Pastor) before proceeding.
  • The Kids Ministry Director must approve the permission note prior to it being handed out. 
  • All permission notes need to be stored post the event for minimum one year.
  • The following must be done prior to an outing:
    • Permission notes issued/collected
    • Appropriate risk assessments complete (including equipment, activities and location)
    • Every adult (and Junior Leader) at the event needs to be approved prior to the event
  • A minimum of two approved adults is required for every outing, though more may be required (consideration needs to take into account appropriate adult child ratios).


Risk Assessment

  • A risk assessment identifies any possible risks and aims to minimize or remove risks altogether. It takes into consideration:
  • The type of equipment being used
    • The location of the activity
    • Its proximity to other activities
    • Who will be using the equipment
  • Risk assessments need to be completed by teams on a regular basis (new game, new equipment, new environment etc.).



  • Children are to wear shoes (preferably closed shoes) at all times except if asked to remove shoes by a leader for a game. At the conclusion of the game, shoes are to be put back on.
  • No parent is to give their child permission to take his/her shoes off while on church property.


Leader Identification

  • All Leaders, Equipment Officers, Welcomers etc. in church-based kids ministry teams are to wear the appropriate lanyard with the MBM logo.
  • All members of Holiday Club teams are to wear the team t-shirt and a name badge for identification.
  • Scripture Teachers are to carry their authorization cards with them at all times


Content Ratings

  • When showing DVDs or YouTube clips to children the following ratings need to be followed:
    • G rated films- All children
    • PG - Can be considered for children over 8 (approval from the Kids Ministry Director and written approval from parent/guardians needed first
  • Only DVDs orYouTube clips approved by YouthWorks can be used in Scripture lessons