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The Person of the Holy Spirit

About 15 years ago, I decided to survey my congregation to ascertain what they really believed on a range of doctrines (as opposed to what I thought they believed). My survey contained three questions that related to the Holy Spirit. Mindful that we have...

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Our Focus Is To Remains On Christ

As we saw last week, creation’s ticket to freedom rides on the back of the liberation of God’s people: “The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.” (v. 19) The resurrection of God’s children will spearhead the arrival of the new...

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Further Encouragement

Here are the three quotes I used in last Sunday's sermon. I hope you're encouraged, as I was, as we come to grips with the greatest blessing of having God as our Father and being adopted into his family. The first quote testifies to the work of the Spirit in...

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Life in the Spirit is not Straightforward

It is important to understand that life in the Spirit is not a straightforward upward trajectory in which we gain one victory over another. The Christian life is messy, and the reality is that not every day will be better than the one before (although this should...

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There is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus

We saw last Sunday that there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1). It's important to note that God is not playing a word game in which he arbitrarily turns the guilty into not guilty. Sins are only forgiven because they were already paid for...

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A Blessing to Others

Sandy and I have come to the end of our trip and we are so looking forward to coming back home to MBM this Sunday. 

During the week prior to leaving for South Africa I was down with the flu for 7 days and it continued for another 7 days while overseas. I was unable...

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Another encouraging example

Here is yet another encouraging example from our 9Word initiate. I hope you are inspired by Steve`s example. Hi Ray Just wanted to share a story born out of the 9 word questions we’re reminded of each week. I’ve been growing closer with a teacher at work,  over the...

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My Great Grandfather Was A Drunk

My great grandfather was a drunk. He would come home from the pub and beat up my great grandmother until she plucked up the courage to leave him. My grandmother as a little girl witnessed this and vowed she would never drink alcohol. She made my grandfather sign a...

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The Estate of Marriage

Five hundred years ago, there was a reformation that not only cleaned up the errors and corruption to do with the church but also to do with the family as well. Martin Luther noted that hardly any of the church fathers (or any of his contemporaries for that matter)...

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Resurrection Sunday

Let’s meditate on this precious verse in Hebrews 2 as we consider resurrection Sunday. Since the children have flesh and blood, he too shared in their humanity so that by his death he might destroy him who holds the power of death — that is, the devil — and free those...

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Good Friday: The Nature of Crucifixion

On this Good Friday, it is worth considering the nature of crucifixion. Some idea of the pain of crucifixion can be discerned by Seneca, a Roman contemporary of Jesus. Seneca writes, “Can anyone be found who would prefer wasting away in pain dying limb by limb or...

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Encouraging Stories from Our Children’s Ministry (Part 2)

Here are some very encouraging stories from our various ministries written with the permission of parents. I am so proud of all those involved in taking the good news of Jesus to our community. This is part 2. Playtime & ESL Kids A grandmother (not from our church)...

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Encouraging Stories from Our Children’s Ministry (Part 1)

Here are some very encouraging stories from our children’s ministry written with the permission of their parents. I am so proud of the kids, their parents and the teams who lead them. This is part 1. 9am Kids Church A few weeks ago, Bella, age 8, came home from Kids...

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Satan’s Lies About Singleness (Part 3)

This is Part 3 of a very helpful article written by Emma Thornett on 19th August 2013 titled, Satan’s lies about singleness: Lie 7: A single person has no family To be honest, at this stage in my life I don’t feel much temptation to believe this lie. By the grace of...

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Satan’s Lies About Singleness (Part 2)

This is part 2 of a very helpful article written by Emma Thornett on 19th August 2013 titled, Satan’s lies about singleness. Lie 4: Because no-one has married you, you have no value I’ve spoken to a number of single friends who genuinely think they have nothing to...

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