Bible Talks by Grant Borg

Patiently Waiting for Jesus to Return

Preached on December 9, 2018
Bible Text: James 5:7-12

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Warning to the Rich

Preached on December 2, 2018
Bible Text: James 5:1-6

James hits us hard with this warning about money because we find ourselves in one of the wealthiest countries that have ever existed. Money has always been a useful tool for the Devil to tempt people away from Jesus, but it’s also an opportunity to demonstrate where our loyalties lie.

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Faith and Deeds

Preached on November 11, 2018
Bible Text: James 2:14–26

The shocking thing about God’s grace is that it’s free – it doesn’t cost us a thing. Forgiveness and eternal life are to be received through faith in Jesus – full stop! So how do I know my faith is genuine? This is the question James answers in this passage of the Bible.

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The Inner Ring

Preached on November 4, 2018
Bible Text: James 2:1-13

Favouritism in our world is simply part of the way society organises itself, but should the church organise itself by the same principals? James deals with this issue for the church and shows the way things are, and how they should be with regard to favouritism.

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Joy Through Trial

Preached on October 21, 2018
Bible Text: James 1:1-12

In this first section of James’ powerful letter, he encourages the church to face trials with joy. It seems like a contradictory idea at first, but James goes on to tell us how this radical change of perception is possible through the power of Jesus and the presence of his Spirit in our lives.

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