Bible Talks by Grant Borg

Jesus the Divine Judge

Preached on February 10, 2019
Bible Text: John 5:16–30

People often ask the question, ‘Who did Jesus claim to be?’ Did he see himself as God? Was he a Prophet? Was he simply a good man who discovered that he had a gift in public speaking? In this passage Jesus tells the world exactly who he is, and what role he’ll play in our desire for eternal life.

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The Divine Troublemaker

Preached on February 3, 2019
Bible Text: John 5:1–15

As Jesus enters busy Jerusalem at festival time, he purposely heals a crippled man and commands him to carry his mat as he walks away. What seems to be a good deed gets attention from the religious leaders for all the wrong reasons, and highlights the danger of serving God through man made laws.

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Lord Of The Heart

Preached on January 27, 2019
Bible Text: John 4:1–26

In this passage Jesus meets an adulterous outcast from a small country town. As we see Jesus speak with her we see his gentleness, his wisdom and his willingness to forgive… but we also see how important it is for us to stop hiding behind our sin and come clean with him. There is a better way and an opportunity for a fresh start, but coming to God is coming his way, not ours.

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Life by the Spirit

Preached on January 20, 2019
Bible Text: John 3:1–15

Jesus faces off with a smart, influential, popular religious leader who comes to get answers to some questions. Instead, the Jewish leader gets ripped apart by Jesus who shows him how much he doesn’t know. In this interaction Jesus shows why he's in a league of his own as he gives us an answer to the biggest question of all, ‘How can anyone get into heaven?’

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God’s Throne in Heaven

Preached on January 6, 2019
Bible Text: Revelation 4:1–11

Jesus taught us that in the end God will reign on earth. What is being done in heaven will be done on earth, and people will live in light of that reality. In this incredible passage from the last book of the Bible, the Lord Jesus gives a vision of heaven as it is now. This vision was to encourage his people to persevere and to help them align their lives with the reality of his rule and reign while we wait for this glory to be revealed to the entire universe.

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