Mark and Susan Boyley and Family

January 19, 2014

Ray Galea

Today Mark and Susan Boyley and family begin their ministry among us. Mark is serving as Membership Pastor. The aim of the Membership Pastor is to:

  • Enable and encourage both visitors and regulars at MBM to become active members of the church family
  • Facilitate everyone at MBM to grow in their love and support for each other
  • In short, ‘do life together’ well.

Mark and Susan have three kids. Jessica is 13. Caitlin is 11. Sam is 8 today!

The Boyleys are no strangers to MBM. They first joined us 19 years ago at our Fairfield evening service. They loved being part of a new multi- ethnic church plant. Before long, Mark left his teaching job and started as our second MTS ministry apprentice. They moved to Rooty Hill and were involved in all our services.

In 1998 the Lord used Mark, along with David Misztal and a dedicated core group, to start our SundayAt5 service. They were exciting days with many coming to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord. SundayAt5 met in the old wooden hall here in Rooty Hill. It has since evolved into our 6pm service.

By 2001 Mark and Susan began preparations for missionary service in Thailand. They moved to a Chinese church for experience among Asians. On completion of studies at Moore College they left for Thailand in 2003, with OMF International. MBM was a supporting church for them. Again the Lord led them to multi-ethnic ministry. They served in Chiang Rai Intertribal Church among a range of Thai speaking ethnic groups.

In 2007 their time in Thailand came to an end as Mark was not well. This was a tough time of recovery from stomach problems and working out what the Lord wanted them to do next. He led them to serve in West Sydney Chinese Christian Church as an English minister. Mark’s main role was with the CroydonPark@10 congregation. On top of her ministry at home and church, Susan has been teaching English and sharing Jesus with Thai people in the CBD (again through OMF). It has been hard to farewell so many special people in these ministries, but…

“we are excited to be back ‘home’”!

Mark’s vision for his new role is “To see all the nations with MBM/St Alban’s welcoming and relating to each other in gospel love.” He wants all within the church to feel cared for and belong. He wants to help us to relate to each other so well that our community would be a powerful witness – that visitors and anyone coming in contact with our church would see God among us and come to glorify Him themselves.