Bible Talks by Ray Galea

True Worship On God’s Terms

Preached on April 8, 2018
Bible Text: John 4:1-26

Jesus breaks protocol and talks to an outcast Samaritan woman. She discovers that true worship is what she desperately needed. It involved the truth that Jesus is the Saviour of the world.

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Fools For Christ

Preached on April 1, 2018
Bible Text: John 20:19-31

From the greatest sceptic -Thomas comes the greatest title ever given and received by Jesus; My Lord and My God.

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Jesus, the True Temple

Preached on March 18, 2018
Bible Text: John 2:13-22

Jealousy is not normally a positive emotion but there is a godly jealousy. We see it when Jesus cleanses the temple because they turned His Father house into a market. The one who cleanses the temple replaces the temple.

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Let’s Party – The Messiah Has Come

Preached on March 4, 2018
Bible Text: John 2:1-12

Jesus' first sign turns water into wine. The old has gone the new has come. The sign speaks of the goodness and Godness of Jesus.

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The Many Witnesses Of Jesus

Preached on February 25, 2018
Bible Text: John 1:35-51

The Kingdom of God has been growing the same way for the last 2000 years with one person introducing another to Jesus.

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