Bible Talks by Grant Borg

Reap What You Didn’t Sow

Preached on April 15, 2018
Bible Text: John 4:27–42

As Jesus transforms this Samaritan woman, she is blessed and so is he! In this sermon we see the heart of our Saviour God, we are encouraged to receive the life that Jesus came to bring, and we’re encouraged to get on board with sharing this good news with our friends and family.

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Living Water for Thirsty Souls

Preached on April 8, 2018
Bible Text: John 4:1–26

As Jesus comes face to face with a Samaritan woman, he gently pulls down the walls of her heart and offers to give her something of immeasurable value – Living Water. In this sermon we look at the class of Jesus as he offers to satisfy the longing hearts of his people like only God can.

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Resurrection Sunday 2018

Preached on April 1, 2018
Bible Text: John 20:1–8

Jesus’ disciples discovered an empty tomb on the 3rd day after his death on the cross. Initially they thought his body must have been stolen, but then they see something that immediately makes them believe that everything he ever said was true. This was the moment that our sick and dying world was given hope and a future beyond the grave.

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God So Loved The World

Preached on March 30, 2018
Bible Text: John 3:16

God proves his love by what he’s willing to give up for those who are the focus of his affection. As we take a closer look at this one verse, we walk away with confidence as we better understand what God did for us on that first Good Friday.

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You Must Be Born Again (PM)

Preached on March 25, 2018
Bible Text: John 2:23-3:15

Jesus speaks with a leader of Israel about entering the Kingdom of God. In this shocking and radical conversation, Jesus explains what MUST happen before a person can even see the Kingdom of God, and then Jesus explains why He is so central to God’s plan to bring us to eternal life.

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