Bible Talks by Grant Borg

One Faithful God

Preached on December 3, 2017
Bible Text: Genesis 12:1-9

As we look at the promises God has made throughout the Bible, we see if he’s worthy of our trust and dependence. His promises to the patriarch Abraham are on view in this sermon.

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The Definition of Love

Preached on November 26, 2017
Bible Text: John 13:1-17

In a world confused about what love is, Jesus perfectly demonstrates it for us as he prepares his disciples for his betrayal and death on the cross.

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The God of Good Gifts

Preached on November 19, 2017
Bible Text: Ephesians 4:1-16

Jesus has given spiritual gifts to every member of his church. As we discover why God has done this, we see his love for his people and his intention behind every good gift.

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God and Money

Preached on November 5, 2017
Bible Text: 1 Timothy 6:6–19

Jesus spoke a LOT about money. Unless we stop to think about why that was the case, we’ll never understand how dangerous it can be, and what an opportunity we have to invest it in whats best.

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What If We Really Prayed Like Jesus?

Preached on October 29, 2017
Bible Text: Mark 14:32-42

By looking at the way Jesus prayed, we get a look into the value and privilege of a healthy prayer-life

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